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Our Specialties

Landscape Pillar Grass Patio

Nordic is your one stop shop for all things brick and stone. From indoor and outdoor fireplaces to brick, stone, and pavers, we’ve got your home or business covered from the outside in.

Brick & Stone

With endless varieties to choose from, Nordic can help you pinpoint the exact brick and stone style for your needs.

Brick And Stone Contractor in Alexandria MN


As the heart of the home, Nordic takes pride in providing you with an exceptional fireplace experience. We’re here to walk you through from design to installation.

Wood Fireplaces in Alexandria MN


To bring the exterior of your home or building project to life, Nordic can provide modern landscape materials for all your needs.

Landscaping Services in Alexandria MN

Outdoor Finishings

It’s all about the finishing touch! Nordic can help source the exact exterior finishings to make your project shine.

Exterior Finishings in Alexandria MN


On top of it all (or should we say under), Nordic is also proud to provide quality pipe supply to our Central Minnesota contractors.

Pipe Supplier in Alexandria MN

Custom Request

Have a bigger picture in mind? Nordic can work with you from the very beginning of a project to help provide inspiration and guidance along the way. We are always up for custom requests!

Brick And Stone Supplier in Alexandria MN